25th Oct

Patient Registration Freeze

We have received notification from SPPG (formerly the Health and Social Care Board) that they have frozen the movement of patients between Practices. This is to help Practices deal with Winter Pressures.

From the 1st November 2023 to 31st March 2024 we are unable to accept registration applications from patients who are currently registered with a GP in the same catchment area.

This is the case all across the Northern Board.

Any patient new to the area, or without a current GP Practice can enquire and register on request.

23rd Oct

New computer system

The Practice will be transferring to a new computer system in January 2024.

To minimise disruption please ask for two months supply of your repeat prescriptions when re-ordering.

11th Sep

Opioid Awareness

Please see attached Opioid Awareness Patient Information Leaflet below:

Opioid Awareness Patient Information Leaflet

1st Aug

Private referrrals - Info

Private Referral & Follow Up

GP Practice Policy from July 2023

This is necessary due to previous instances where problems have arisen, and is to clarify Consultant / GP responsibilities and roles, and ensure patient expectations are appropriate, and correctly informed.

Information for Patients

If you see a Private Consultant, they may suggest further simple tests such as bloods, urine or stool tests etc. or more complex tests such as X-rays, scans, scopes depending on the problem. These should also be done within the private sector and should be factored into total costs.

If the Consultant suggests a prescription, we are often happy to do an NHS prescription, but only if it is a licensed drug used appropriately, and is in the Northern Ireland formulary, but GPs retain the right to decline prescribing if they have significant concerns, and the Consultant is still able to prescribe by themselves privately.

Depending on what treatment / prescription a Consultant recommends, patients should understand and be aware they may have to pay for any ongoing treatment or medications which are recommended (which the GP is not able or willing to prescribe for the reasons above).

Sufficient post-operative medication, e.g. pain relief or anticoagulation, should be provided at discharge following procedures carried out by private sector providers, without needing a GP prescription.

7th Jul

Birth Registration

Please see below poster detailing how to register births in Mid Ulster District Council:

Registering a birth Mid Ulster District Council

31st May

Outpatient Waiting times NI


We am pleased to confirm that the Department of Health has developed a “My Waiting Times NI” webpage.

This is an information webpage hosted on the HSC website linked below:

This webpage will provide GPs, healthcare professionals and patients in Northern Ireland access to the current average waiting times for outpatient assessments for elective care services within each Trust.

The webpage will be updated every month to ensure that users have access to timely, standardised waiting time information. FAQs have also been developed and linked on the webpage to improve the users’ experience and understanding of the information provided.

It is envisaged that the webpage will be further developed to include waiting time information for other elective services in due course. Any queries relating to the waiting time data should be directed to the relevant trust via their contact details on the webpage.

12th Jan

Carers UK Information

If you are a Carer please click on this attachment below for more information: